This Strange Style Trick Can Make You Look Leaner

And it doesn’t even have anything to do with prints or silhouettes


Let’s be honest, sleeves aren’t usually what you would care about most when picking out a top or dress. But since Fall 2015, a particularly fun and completely unexpected trend has been spotted all over fashion week runways: Extra-long sleeves.

Think sleeves that extend waaayyy past your wrists, creating a sloppy-chic look that’s beloved by street-style stars and the likes of Kim K and Kanye West. In a nutshell, it makes you look super cool without seeming like you even tried.

The best thing about extra-long sleeves? Due to their exaggerated length, they create an illusion of a taller, more willowy silhouette, kinda like how vertical stripes work.

For the most flattering and socially acceptable length (because you don’t want to look too sloppy), go for a sleeve that ends a few inches below your wrist, revealing only the tips of your fingers.

You don’t even have to go shopping specially for this. Just raid your boyfriend’s/brother’s wardrobe, or wear your favourite button-up without cuffing the sleeves.  

Wanna get started? Click through above for some style inspiration on how to rock this chic yet effortless trend.

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