This Movement Is Revealing The Truth About Being Plus-Sized

It’s time to face the facts


When we look at slim models on the runway, and in magazines and advertisements; then at ourselves, our family and our friends, a stark difference is apparent.

There’s nothing wrong with all body types, but it’s obvious that there’s a disparity between the portrayal of what a female looks like and the reality that women come in all shapes and sizes. Here at ELLE, from working on our own magazine to attending fashion shows, we’re aware of the difference, but it’s never really hit us — until now that is. 

In a bold move, women’s lifestyle and news site Refinery29 has announced a new project to increase the representation of plus-sized women on its site.

In the USA, 67% of women are considered plus-sized, but plus-sized women only make up 2% of the images we see. To counter that, Refinery29 has partnered with Getty Images to release a collection of licensed stock images featuring plus-sized women to be purchased for use. 67% of the images used on the site will also be fronted by plus-sized women to reflect this reality. Along with that, they’ve also created the #SeeThe67 campaign, encouraging women from all races and backgrounds to share what they’d like to see represented in the media.

The number of plus-sized women in Singapore is unknown, but there’s no denying that a majority of us don't see ourselves and our body types represented in the media. For us at ELLE, we’ve always strived to be an inclusive space for all women and will continue to work towards creating content for everyone, no matter your age, size, gender or ethnicity.

This movement, if anything, signals a change in the landscape for platforms for women — and we’re all better for it.

For more information on the #Seethe67 project, head here.

Photo: @refinery29 via Instagram

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