This Katy Perry Christmas Memory Will Make You Cry

That time her mum scrimped and saved to buy her the most fab gift


If you haven’t heard, Katy Perry will be fronting H&M’s Holiday campaign this year! The superstar will be appearing on both print and video advertisements for the high-street label’s festive collection, the latter for which she wrote and performed a brand new Christmas song, Every Day Is A Holiday.

Perry isn’t just the perfect face for the ad campaign - she’s also one of the most fun peeps to have around during year-end parties (have you seen her Halloween costume this year?). Sadly, it’s unlikely partying with the popstar is on the cards since most of us aren’t on her friends list.

But hey, here’s the next best thing: Advice from Katy Perry herself on how to spend the holidays like her. We got on the phone with her to find out how.

What do you love most about the year-end holiday season? 

I like the cosiness of it all — the cooking, the cuddling, the closeness and all my friends coming together to eat and drink. I know I’m mostly a summer girl because I love warm weather and the sun, but thankfully the weather in California doesn’t change much, so I’m lucky that I get to enjoy both the sun and Christmas at the same time. 

What are some of your favourite holiday spots?

Everyone in my family is all grown up, so we don’t exchange gifts any more — we just go on vacation together. I like visiting my hometown of Santa Barbara, and I love New York City. I love London too — they really know how to do the holiday season. Sometimes we like to go somewhere more tropical like Hawaii.

What is a must-have on your dinner table during the year-end festivities?

I love a very traditional turkey and ham, all the food I grew up with. One other thing I really love is turkey stuffing. It can even be the store-bought type you just pop in the microwave. It’s disgusting but delicious — except those with fruit in it; I think putting fruit in stuffing is just wrong.

Share your favourite holiday memory.

There was one time when I was 12 — when my family still used to give each other Christmas presents — my mother surprised me with a vintage faux leopard coat. I had seen this leopard coat in a display window, but my family didn’t have any money growing up at all, so never in a million years did I dream I would get something like that. I would usually get toothbrushes, socks and maybe a gift card for discount stores.

But my mum, she bought me this coat, and it was the coolest thing ever. It was so unnecessary because where I grew up, it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. So when I wore it to school the first day back, everyone made fun of me because it was so hot outside, but I was in this big, fluffy, fake leopard coat. It was the coolest.

What’s one thing you do during the holidays that reminds you ‘tis the season?

Honestly, all we do during the holidays is eat, drink, watch movies and play lots of board games. But now that my sister has a baby girl, and my cousin has two children, Christmas is starting to be much more creative. I think kids are a big part of the spirit of Christmas, and the kids in my family, they remind us of how we used to feel when we were kids during the holidays. 

If you could have one holiday wish, what would it be?

I would just want continued health for my family in the coming year. It’s funny that when your family gets older, you just want them to be healthy. So if I could wish for healthiness every year for a year straight, I would.

What was it like working with H&M and being the face of its Holiday campaign?

The process was very fun and collaborative. I love the holidays, everything from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, to New Year’s — it’s probably my favourite time of the year, especially when there are family, friends and loved ones around. That’s why I was so happy to shoot the commercial. Didn’t hurt that the clothes are really cool too. What’s funny is that we made this in June or July this year, and it was crazy to me that we were ‘celebrating’ Christmas when we’re still in the middle of the year.

Which pieces from H&M’s Holiday collection will you personally be wearing?

All the clothes are really cool, and there are a couple of things I really like. I particularly like this one sweater called the Elfie Selfie. It’s a very cute and very funny sweater with a cut-out of an elf. There’s also this red dress I wore in the campaign. I wore it with big earrings that were kinda Latin, with my hair done in a way that was kind of Latin, so I felt a little like a Latin queen or something. It’s beautiful. 

If I were doing a Christmas-themed show I would quite possibly wear the pieces on-stage too. When I was 13 and started dressing in my own way, I would buy vintage clothes and accessorise them with H&M. Even now when I can shop anywhere I’ll still go into H&M and find accessories or that one piece that’s perfect. 

The H&M Holiday 2015 campaign will debut at all H&M stores on 23 November.

Photos: H&M

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