This Is Your New Favourite Web Series

Get ready to binge-watch


Finished watching all available episodes of Stranger Things, Narcos and The Get Down and need a new series to obsess over — stat?

We’ve got just the thing for you. If you haven’t already, check out all the three to four minute shorts from Kate Spade New York’s hilarious film series, Miss Adventure. 

The series follows an ensemble cast of women — including Anna Kendrick, Girl’s Zosia Mamet, 2 Broke Girl’s Kat Dennings, and stand-up comedians and actresses Sarah Jones and Ali Wong. As its cheeky name suggests, in every episode, the ladies get into awkward situations that result in hilarious hijinks. Here’s a sneak peek of the ridiculousness from episode 2, season 2.

Besides the incredible acting (not unexpected, given the amazing cast), what will make you go from video to video are the endearing storylines. From getting locked out of the house to sharing a cab with a stranger, the characters go through real and laugh-out-loud funny moments, all while dressed in Kate Spade. Watch all the episodes of Miss Adventure here!

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