This Is The Most Fun And Empowering Lingerie Ad Ever

It’s nothing you’d expect


We all love beautiful lingerie. Be it romantic and lacy or sweet and floral printed, there’s something about a great bra that gives an instant boost to not just our breasts, but also our confidence.

As important as the design of a bra is, of course, finding one that fits like a dream. The problem is a majority of women don’t know their bra size — a study found that a whopping 64% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, with 29% of that doing so knowingly.

There are plenty of resources on the Internet with different formulas claiming to be the best way to measure yourself, but which one can you trust?

Your best bet? Heading to a boutique to get measured by a professional. That’s what lingerie label Triumph wants to encourage women to do, and that’s why they’ve launched their Find The One campaign, featuring not one, but two fun and zany videos.

When you think about lingerie commercials, svelte models twirling around in bras and panties come to mind. But believe us when we say this is nothing like that.

A campy musical-short film, Find The One, first released in 2015, follows Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson in cartoon form, as she and her friends, Tammy and Mara, stumble through a door into a mansion full of lingerie.

There, she searches for a bra with the perfect fit and feel, with some help from a frog and her fairy godmother, who happens to be a mannequin with an Anna Wintour-esque wig. They sing and dance to an incredibly catchy theme song (you won’t be able to get it out of your head), and finally find The One.

The campaign video was a viral hit, garnering almost 2 million views on YouTube and Facebook alone.

Following the campaign’s success, Triumph has launched Find The One…Again! this year, where Ferguson is now a mum, too busy caring for her baby in Crocs and forks that double up as hair clips to care for herself.

Everything changes when her friends, Luna and Jade, and her fairy godmother pay her another visit to help her find lingerie that will suit her now different needs and reclaim her confidence.

The trio find their dream bras from Triumph’s Magic Boost collection: The ultra-lightweight and breathable Magic Spacer that’s great for our warm weather; the Magic Wire, which has a flexible silicone underwire for optimal lift and comfort; and the brand’s best-selling Aqua Enhancer.

And of course, there’s another earworm that will keep you singing along with Hannah and her friends.

We may not have a fairy godmother in real life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the bra you and your breasts deserve.

Dedicated to finding the perfect bra for women since its establishment 130 years ago, Triumph offers free personalised fitting sessions in their boutiques.

If finding the perfect bra for yourself isn’t motivation enough, you will also receive a $20 voucher when you get yourself fitted in-store.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to head out and find The One for you. Check out all of Triumph's lingerie collections in the comfort of your own home at before you head down to its boutiques!

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