This Bracelet Will Keep You Hydrated

All while looking stylish too


Staying hydrated is key to, well, staying alive. But when we’re rocking this season’s mini bags or clutches, there’s literally no space for a water bottle — and that’s forgoing the fact that aesthetically-pleasing water bottles are few and far between. 

Thankfully, one US-based ceramics studio might have just come up with a chic solution. Object and Totem has created a wearable porcelain flask that’s shaped like a bangle (or donut, depending on how hungry you are), inspired by circular hip flasks worn by 19th century Amish settlers in the USA.

The flask is made to sit comfortably on the wrist, and currently comes in three colours — matte turquoise, white and, our favourite, black chrome. Aside from a cork bottle stopper, it’s completely unembellished, making it easy to be paired with any outfit you’re rocking that day.

So, it works as a bracelet, but can it pass muster as a flask? Well, it can hold 44 millilitres, or a shot’s worth of liquid, so it will definitely need refilling throughout the day. Either way, it’s a fun and beautiful way to carry a little extra water with you, or a sneaky way to keep a shot of spirits around for that midday pick-me-up — we know what we’re picking.

Shop Object and Totem’s Bracelet Flask (US$35 each, approx. S$47.72), here

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