Here’s Why Hoop Earrings Can Save Your Selfies

They’re so much more than mere accessories


We can’t say we’re glad at everything from the ’90s that’s making a comeback. But one thing we’re loopy about is the return of classic hoop earrings.

Apart from the fact that they’re bringing back serious feels (mostly from flashbacks of J.Lo’s music videos), hoops can make you look more youthful, while an elongated pair can also give the illusion of slimming the face.

Jennifer Lopez in her music video for Love Don't Cost A Thing

This season, hoops are back in myriad variations, from embellished and oversized to delicately teeny. Whether you choose a simple, classic style or opt for an intricate statement piece, hoop earrings are a great way to frame your face.

Need inspiration on how to wear them? Check out these pics!

Photo: Carolines Mode

Gemma Ward

Giovanna Battaglia

Street style

Nicole Warne

Chiara Ferragni

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

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