These Pants Will Take You Places

Wearing them is almost like a magic carpet ride


Don’t you just wish sometimes that you could take off from city life, travel, learn about different cultures and traditions, and gain some perspective? So do we. But then reality hits, the bills come in and we crumple back into the daily grind. Plans gotta wait.

But what if you had something to constantly push you a bit closer to that dream and inspire you to take that next step? Something like...magic pants?

Okay, so they’re not really magic, but these babies are infused with tradition, artisanship and stories that will fire up the wanderlust in you and make your routine life seem a little less humdrum. 

These Then&There pants form the latest collection by local label MATTER that celebrates empathy, beauty and utility. Designed by four Asian designers, the first drop, titled Pants To See The World In, spotlights four countries with distinctly unique cultures: Singapore, India, Philippines and Indonesia. 

The beautifully tailored relaxed-fit pieces are available in six colourways and prints, and are all about capturing a moment and a place in time. They come in cotton-linen, silk and handspun khadi, and prices range from $179 to $279.

I feel like I need these pants for my trip to Nepal tomorrow (yay, another step towards living the dream!), but I guess I’ll have to wait till 15 October when the collection launches on their e-store.

Meanwhile, click through for some wanderlust-envy.

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