These Outfits Make Us Want To Update Our Wardrobe, Stat

Michael Kors, you've done it again!


When we first saw model du jour Kendall Jenner rock that gorgeous, grommetted georgette pleated skirt with a simple black tank at New York Fashion Week, we fell — hard — for its sporty-tough chic. And the rest of the Michael Kors Spring 2016 collection has been equally heart-fluttering.

Kors stays true to his jet-set-chic vision with his tripartite formula of romance-meets-elegance-greets-femininity. This time, tailoring is amped up: Each piece, though wearable, reflects details that could only have been the result of hours of painstaking handwork.

Take stunners like 3D floral embroidered washed-faille skirts or 3D poppy appliqué embroidered silk georgette blouses, for instance — those pretty blossoms could only have been hand-sewn. And trust Kors, who’s proved to be a maestro when it comes to reinventing sportswear, to elevate the humble grommet: Used as embellishments lining hemlines or sleeves, these rows of eyelet rings were a rugged yet chic detail on his streamlined silhouettes.

The rest of the collection — slashed skirts, Chantilly lace dresses, ruffly poet blouses and suede perforated trenches in neutral tones of tan, white, black and blue — are equally appealing.

An extension of this is the Michael Michael Kors Spring 2016 collection, a decidedly casual affair dominated by denim, cotton, linen and straw. Timeless glamour is the overriding theme with lightweight knits, embellished tunics, cornhusk satchels and straw messengers.

We really can’t decide which we love more: Sexy, crocheted T-shirts, cropped sailor jeans, embroidered scalloped shorts or floral-print maxi-dresses. So it looks like we’ll have to get them all.  

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