These Keys Have Stories To Tell

Every piece in Tiffany & Co.’s Keys collection opens an avenue to a rich narrative


The key is one of the most popular symbols used in jewellery, whether worn as a statement of commitment to a loved one, or to mark a significant achievement or milestone. The association might be quite literal — the key simply signifies access to important doors in life — but the design interpretations are infinitely more imaginative, as Tiffany & Co. has proven with the vast range of stunning key pendants it has crafted over the years.          

First introduced in 2009, the Tiffany Keys collection has captured the heart of women with its designs that range from the sleek and simple to the embellished and elaborate. With silver, gold and diamond-studded versions, there is one for every style and budget.

This September, a new set of precious keys by the jeweller awaits discovery, adding more elegant options to an already impressive collection.

Modern yet timeless, they are pieces that will pair seamlessly with your everyday wardrobe. Wear one as a classic statement or layer on a few for an eclectic look. With motifs inspired by the fleur de lis, knot, trefoil and flowers, the new key pendants embrace femininity and are imbued with a touch of luxe via a generous sprinkling of white and coloured diamonds. 

The Fall ad campaign for the Tiffany Keys collection also sees the return of a familiar face — Liu Wen, who last worked with the brand in 2013. Shot by renowned photographer and director Mario Sorrenti, the supermodel channels her innate elegance in the striking black-and-white portraits, showcasing an equally exquisite diamond key pendant to its best.

Liu, widely recognised as China’s first supermodel, hails from humble beginnings. The daughter of a carpenter, she has become one of the most influential global figures in fashion. “Modelling changed my life,” she says. Hard work, perseverance and saying yes to life’s unexpected opportunities have helped Liu forge her own path to success, finding her a place among the world’s highest-paid models.

Much like Liu’s own achievements, the newest Tiffany Keys reflect an adventurous spirit and commitment. Perhaps, as the jeweller intended, wearing one of these personal talismans will help remind us to unlock the endless possibilities in life. 

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