There’s A Very Good Reason To Go Barefoot Today

This little act will go a long way for someone in need


For the ninth time since 2008, Toms will be launching its One Day #WithoutShoes campaign today, 10 May.

Toms has, since its establishment in 2006, been known for its one-for-one initiative, where a pair of shoes are given to the less-fortunate with every purchase of Toms shoes we make.

Seeing how not everyone can afford a pair of Toms, the brand has created a way where we can all give back without spending a single dime, through its One Day #WithoutShoes campaign.

All you have to do is snap a picture of your bare feet and post it up on Instagram with the hashtag #Withoutshoes, and someone in need will be getting a brand new pair.

This year, each Instagram post will go towards 100,000 new pairs of shoes to children in 10 countries: From Ethiopia, to prevent diseases like podoconiosis that’s contracted with exposure to irritant soil, to Jordan, where shoes are given to refugees and displaced children.

Unlike many slacktivism initiatives (ahem, #IceBucketChallenge), what we love most about Toms’ One Day #WithoutShoes campaign is that an actual, tangible and practical result is generated from the littlest of deeds done by you and I.

When basic needs like food, water, clothes and shoes are met, people living in less ideal situations can move on and focus on education and work, bringing families out of poverty in the long run.

Find out more about Toms’ One Day #WithoutShoes campaign here.

Photos: @toms, @bigcitylifeblog, @shelby_andrew, @nordstrom_thegrove and @jchuen via Instagram.

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