The Tiffany East West Introduces A New Side To Time

This unusual watch will have you doing a double take at first sight


When Tiffany & Co. launched the Tiffany East West watch last year, the timepiece surprised the industry with its audacious design. Featuring an unusual dial designed to be read length-wise, it literally turned the rules of watchmaking on their side.

This amusing touch, though unexpected of a brand hardly known for veering from its elegant and classic style, helped the otherwise traditional-looking watch to stand out. By making its wearer read time from a different angle, the brand also succeeded at creating a new perspective in watch design.

While the Tiffany East West might be quirky, its aesthetics are decidedly classic. The dial’s vintage-styled design points to the inspiration behind the watch — a portable travel clock (pictured below) that was made by the jeweller back in the 1940s. Not too much was lost in translation — one look at the face of this clock and you can easily see the resemblance.

Sized at 42 by 25mm, it’s a watch that both men and women could comfortably wear. However, for women who prefer a smaller option for their slender wrists, Tiffany & Co. has now introduced the new Tiffany East West Mini with a case downsized to 37 by 22mm.

Besides its feminine proportions, the Tiffany East West Mini also comes with two leather strap options — you’ll get a double-wrap watch strap in addition to the usual one — adding a fashionable twist to how it can be worn. It’s made its debut in three colour combinations: White dial with a black strap, blue dial with a blue strap, and the signature robin’s-egg Tiffany Blue dial with a grey strap. No prizes for guessing which version we want.

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