The Street-Style Trend You Can DIY Now

And wear forever


You know how trends are: They send us into fits of envy that in turn drive us to the shops, after which we wear whatever we’ve splashed out on relentlessly, partly because it’s cool but also because we’ve spent so much on it, urgh.

But here’s a Spring/Summer trend that won’t need your credit card so much, because your sewing machine and some dabs of fabric paint will be able to do the job just as well: Jazzed-up jackets.

This season, street-style stars in all the fashion capitals are trotting out in these jackets embellished with patches or slogans.

And while you could head out and just buy your own, where’s the fun in that? Click through above for some inspiration on how you can revamp an old jacket (from the thrift store or the back of your closet) and turn it into a covetable, personalised trend piece.

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