The Shoe Hacks You Need For Happy Feet Everyday

Your feet will thank you for doing these


We often overlook them, but our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. How many times have you heard your mum nag about the back aches and sore joints that you’ll have to suffer through at old age as you head out the door in yet another pair of sky-high heels?

We may never hang up that insanely uncomfortable yet gorgeous pair of shoes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to alleviate the effects of poor-fitting kicks. Here are 6 shoe hacks that will change the way you walk.

Problem #1: Too tight sneakers

New sneakers can fit a little too snug, especially here in Asia where most of us have wider feet. Try this lacing technique for a looser grip around the toes (where feet is usually widest) without having to worry about your sneaks slipping out of your foot.

Problem #2: Uncomfortable heels

Ah, heels. They improve our posture and lend us so much height and confidence, but why do they have to hurt so bad? Most of our problems with heels stem from its shape and how it puts way too much pressure on the ball of our feet. To reduce that, invest in a good foam padding to cushion your foot and tape your third and fourth toes (counting from your big toe) to alleviate the pressure — we’re not kidding. Use first aid tape to prevent really painful tape removal at the end of the day.

Problem #3: Blisters

It doesn't matter if they’re plimsolls, heels, or ballerina flats, as long as they’re new, your shoes will most likely give you blisters. Thankfully, you can find the solution for this in your…bathroom. Lubricate the heel of your foot with deodorant or petroleum jelly to reduce friction as you walk.

Problem #4: Snug boot shafts

Because we don’t all have model-sized calves, leather boots can be hell to put on before they’re fully broken in. Take a cue from experts and quicken the process by creating a mixture with equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. Spray it lightly on the insides of your boots then slip them on while wearing socks to loosen them up immediately and allow it to fit to your form.

Problem #5: Slippery soles

Slippery soles are dangerous, especially here where it’s sunny one day and storming the next. There are plenty of cobblers around to help insert new soles to friction-less pairs, but in a pinch, use sandpaper to sand down your soles to give it more grip.

Problem #6: Always buying shoes in the wrong size

Shoe-shopping has got to be one of the most mentally-exhausting activities ever — there are just so many considerations to keep in mind. To make sure you buy a pair of shoes at it’s optimal comfort, go shopping in the evening where your feet are at its largest. If you’ve got different-sized feet, buy a pair that fits the larger foot, and use padding to fit the other shoe to your smaller foot.

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