The Secret To Looking Taller

Psst, it’s all about pairing the right shoes with your outfit


Face it, we love shoes but sometimes haven’t a clue how to work certain styles into our wardrobe.

One of the common mistakes many women make is pairing the wrong hemline with the wrong pair of shoes, which results in poor styling choices and a stunted body proportion.

The rule of thumb is: Cropped hemlines are more flattering than you think. When worn right, they lend an overall pleasing proportion. 

Short skirts

Skirts work with most footwear styles but mini skirts (when paired with slender legs) will ace most shoe styles from flats to strappy sandals, pumps, wedges, clogs and even sneakers.


Women love trousers - they’re great for 24/7 style. Always keep in mind that there should be a gap between the hemlines of skinny trousers and strappy sandals (to avoid looking unkempt or short!), as well as ample height if you’re wearing platform shoes to carry off wide-legged trouser styles. The last thing you want is for your flares to gather around your feet and sweep the floors - or worse, for you to trip over them.

Pencil skirts

Sadly, this style is not for every figure, but that’s not to say a fuller figure can’t ace this sexy, feminine look. Fuller-figured women should opt for fail-proof pumps, bearing in mind that higher heels lend better posture and thicker heels provide more comfort and stability. The hardest type of footwear to complement a pin-sharp pencil skirt are boots. The more narrow the pencil skirt, the slimmer and more skin-tight the boots should look. Booties (boots with a higher leather upper than ankle boots but lower than calf-high) on the other hand, are strictly for tall girls with super-long legs and should come with high heels — to further enhance a statuesque frame. Flat booties and pencil skirts? Only for the fashion runways, darling.


Age-appropriate dressing is everything and sneakers, especially trendy versions, can pose a little challenging. White tennis shoes are age-friendly wardrobe staples and will complement all skirt and trouser hemlines, be it worn with or without socks, while high-top street-style sneakers require a more stylistic and youthful effort. When in doubt, stick to classic brands and styles, such as Converse Chuck Taylors, Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike Air Force 1s and Saint Laurent Court Classics.

Click through above for tips and tricks on rocking some of the most popular footwear of the season.

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