The Salvatore Ferragamo Collection That’s Totally TDF

If only we could fit


Here’s the most adorable thing we’ve seen all month (and bear in mind, we ate our way through Hello Kitty Orchid Garden).

No, it’s not the kids. While they’re charming, what we’re really eyeballing is what they’re wearing: Ferragamo Mini, a.k.a. Salvatore Ferragamo’s special capsule collection of children’s footwear and accessories designed for youngsters aged three to eight years. Because boy is it CUTE!

Like its name suggests, the collection is made up of petite versions of Ferragamo’s signature styles. Those Varina workhorse ballet flats you own? Your little girl can now toddle around in a similar pair and tote a miniature cartoon-adorned Vara bag, while the master of the house can echo Dad in tiny Double Gancio moccasins.

Sneakers and backpacks also feature in the range, which will be available at the Paragon and Marina Bay Sands stores from end August. Prices start from $220 for shoes and $720 for bags.

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