The Queen Just Stripped A Very Personal Supplier Of Its Royal Warrant

It’s a great loss for bra-fitter Rigby & Peller.


Going by these sold-out bags and dresses, it’s fair to say that whatever the British Royals are using, the whole world wants it for themselves as well. We think you’d agree that having a member of the royal family use your product is quite possibly the best form of endorsement a brand can have.

And if you didn't know by now, a list of Royal Warrant holders actually exists, bearing the names of a select group of vendors who supplies goods and services to the Queen and her family.

Receiving a warrant means you’ve got the Queen’s stamp of approval. And here's a fun fact: According to The Royal Warrant Holders Association, some of the brands that have earned her nod include breakfast cereal Weetabix, tech giant Samsung Electronics and food and drinks brand Nestlé.


But getting on the list doesn't mean that one stays there forever. Recent case in point: Britain luxury lingerie label Rigby & Peller, which had held the warrant for 57 years and counts Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow as its clients, has officially been stripped of the title. It seemed that The Queen took offence after the release of former Rigby & Peller owner June Kenton’s book in March 2017. 

In her autobiography titled Storm in a D-cup, 82-year-old Kenton recounts her career ups and downs, which of course included some of her experiences in fitting and supplying bras to Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Diana.

This wasn’t what Kenton expected. “It is very sad for me that they didn’t like it. I never, ever thought when I was writing the book that it would upset anyone,” she told The Telegraph

Following the incident, some netizens took to their own Twitter accounts to support Kenton.

For Rigby & Peller, losing the Royal Warrant means that it’ll need to exclude the royal coat of arms from all of its signage and marketing materials.

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