The Secret To Wearing Pearls

Do it right and they’ll take you from 18 through 80


Just because they’re often used as finishing touches for old-school twin-sets doesn’t mean that pearls aren’t youthful. There are many ways to wear these lustrous orbs and still look hip. 

The trick is to pair them with basics: T-shirts, tank tops, your man’s white shirt…in short, wardrobe staples that spell effortless with a capital “E”.

You don’t even have to invest a fortune in the real thing to look good. Perhaps the chicest pearl-wearer ever was Coco Chanel - and she wore faux ones every day because she believed that affordable jewellery gave women the opportunity to acquire more options, instead of just one special one. 

Above, some of our favourite ways to wear pearls and what lengths look best.

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