The Most Meaningful Birthday Gifts You Can Buy For Yourself

Hint: They're shiny and pack a whole lot of significance


We love all manner of bling, but our favourite is jewellery that boasts both style and significance.  There’s really nothing like looking down at a necklace or ring that reminds you of an important time in your life or someone you love. 

And what better time to treat yourself to a meaningful piece of jewellery than on your birthday? Here are six different types of jewellery to consider buying for yourself to celebrate reaching yet another milestone in life.

1. Birthstone jewellery

There’s no more apt time than your birthday to buy yourself an accessory that features a gem that corresponds to your horoscope or birth month. Not sure what your birthstone is? Check here

Nudo 18-karat rose gold amethyst earrings, US$2,671 (approx. S$3,635.47), by Pomellato.

2. Jewellery with inspirational quotes

Whether it’s a code of conduct you live by, or a mindset you’re aspiring to, get yourself a piece of jewellery with a quote that resonates with you to serve as a beautiful daily reminder of the person you are or hope to be.

Gold-filled skinny bangle, $59, by Modern Minimalist.

3. Monogrammed jewellery

If you find monogramming your own initials on a personalised signet ring, cuff or pendant is a little narcissistic, feature a loved one’s instead to show that they’re always on your mind.

Personalised initial diamond small disc necklace, $805, by Letters By Zoe.

4. An self-promise ring

We’ve talked about US label Fred + Far’s Self Love Pinky ring, and the dainty yet powerful ring is definitely a great gift to commemorate your birthday. 

Self Love Pinky ring, from US$150 (approx. S$204.16), by Fred + Far.

5. Jewellery with coordinates of home

This is especially significant for those who no longer live in their home country. Remind yourself of your roots and the people who love you with jewellery engraved with the coordinates of your home. 

Legend bracelet, US$204 (approx. S$277.66), by Charm & Chain.

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