The Most Inexpensive Way To Look Instantly Kickass

This trend won’t cost you an arm and a leg


Forget floral headbands, if the likes of Zoe Kravitz and Kendall Jenner have anything to say about it, nose rings are the accessory to don now.

The back-again piercings got their high-fashion run this Fall-Winter 2015 season, and were on almost every model on the runways of Acne Studios, Manish Arora and Givenchy. Not that they’re not an unfamiliar sight at the latter’s fashion shows, but this time creative director Riccardo Tisci took them to a whole new level, sending models out wearing septum rings that were huge and elaborately embellished.

Nose rings are most commonly known to be worn by the punk and goth crowds in the ’80s and ’90s as a symbol of rebellion, but their history actually goes way back.

Tribes in Asia and Africa have been wearing them for centuries. In India, women traditionally have their left nostril pierced as it is believed to increase fertility and lessen the pain experienced during childbirth. Meanwhile, in Africa’s Beja and Berber groups, husbands gift their wives nose rings to symbolise their wealth (the bigger the ring, the more wealthy the husband).

Want to try this out but terrified of the pain or don’t want to commit to having a hole in your nose? The great news is, there are lots of places selling clip-ons at pocket-friendly prices — click through our edit above for the most badass options from under $10 to just above $50.

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