The Minimalist Earring Trend Celebs Are Loving Right Now

Gigi Hadid and Anna Kendrick are fans


There have been plenty of new earring trends over the year, from ear cuffs to ear jackets. But if you’re bored of the usual and want to try something new, prepare your ears for suspender earrings. 

While most earrings suspend downwards, these babies hook over the top of your earlobe. This style seems to have stemmed from fine jewellery label Smith + Mara, and popularised thanks to its many celebrity fans.

Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Sophia Bush, Selena Gomez and Anna Kendrick are amongst the many who’ve been spotted rocking suspender earrings, and it’s really not hard to see why they love it so much. It’s nondescript at a glance, but if someone actually takes a closer look, this interesting piece will definitely get a conversation started. Its subtle, versatile design also makes it really easy to stack on more earrings, and wear it in a variety of ways. 

Suspender earrings have not hit the mainstream retail market just yet, and as much as we love the exquisite solid gold, diamond and pearl pieces from Smith + Mara, at US$150 and above a pop, they aren’t the most pocket-friendly. 

However, if there’s anything we know about trends, it’s that they will appear at high-street labels (we’re counting on you, ASOS) in time to come. 

Check out Smith + Mara’s suspender earrings here

Photos: @smithandmara via Instagram

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