The Fashion Wisdom Of Iris Apfel

Style tips you should take from the world’s hippest nonagenarian


Iris Apfel is one of fashion’s most colourful and authentic icons, and her inimitable knack for accessorising is well-documented in photographs - most recently in the Albert Maysles biopic, Iris.

As seen in the documentary, Apfel is an expert in interior decorating too, and started a design and textile company back in the ’50s together with her husband, Carl Apfel (who passed away in August 2015). The couple had a clientele of A-listers including Greta Garbo and Jackie Kennedy.

The exuberant 94-year-old is also known for her sparkling bon mots - and to celebrate Iris (and Apfel herself, because why not?), we’ve compiled our favourites here. Like you needed another reason to crush on her.

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