The Christmas Toy Every Adult Will Want

A hint: It’s way cooler than Transformers


Here’s a riddle for you: What looks like a Transformer, is as cool as a Transformer, but – and this is a huge but, especially for practical peeps – is way more useful? FYI, the answer is a tough one, because this is something that’s rarely released.

Give up? It’s Casio’s new limited edition Master of G collection of robot figurines, designed by G-Shock in collaboration with toymaker AdFunture Workshop and streetwear label Veil!

Recognise that backdrop?

Each figurine’s muscular chest boasts a Casio G-Shock watch, which is detachable and can be worn on a special strap created by Veil. (Or you can just leave it mounted and use it as a super cool table clock.)

Three robots are available, each imagined to “protect the world and conquer the land, sky and sea”, according to the press release. There’s the steely blue and slate Gravity Master ($1,099), the indigo Gulf Master ($649) and our fave, the sporty-looking Mud Master ($999), a hot hunk of a model dressed in bright yellow and cool grey.

Mud Master (left) and Gulf Master take control of Singapore waters

What makes these pieces even more special: They were produced exclusively for Singapore – the first-ever such collection and collaboration for the Little Red Dot.

Says Eddi Yip, founder of AdFunture and Veil’s designer, “G-Shock isn’t just part of a culture, it has an entire sub-culture on its own. As a long-time fan and collector, I feel honoured to be able to creatively contribute to the G-Shock universe with my designs and to introduce the Master of G designer figurines and watches specifically for collectors and G-Shock fans here in Singapore.”

Ready to assemble your own Master of G army? Attack all Casio G-Factory stores from 11 December, when the collection drops. 

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