The Best Fashion Holiday Videos Of 2015

Eight gorgeous short films that are sure to put you in a festive mood


It’s hard to keep the mind on work as the year rolls to a close. Even as the emails keep pinging in, all we can think about are the year-end festivities – which parties to go to, what food to eat, which friends to catch up with.


So to fill those moments where we really can’t bring ourselves to reply another email or bang out one more PowerPoint deck, we turn to holiday videos – the short films that just about every retail brand now produces for the year-end. They’re entertaining, give us the festive feels…and, most importantly, make us look like we’re hard at work as we stare intently at the computer.

If you need some of the same (who are we to judge?), here’s a round-up of the best holiday videos this year. Happy skiving.

1. Gucci

A man and a woman wander through a building in this Harvey Weir short. Where? We’re guessing it’s an aesthetic clinic, because a) there are plenty of waiting rooms; b) everyone’s really, really good looking; and c) they all look rich (and are dressed in Gucci, duh). 

2. Michael Kors

Nina Agdal is the hostess with the mostest..and she’ll stop at nothing to give her pals the perfect presents! 

3. Coach

Coach’s debut holiday film is definitely going on the naughty list. Even Santa needs a stiff drink at the end of it. 

4. Kate Spade


Besties Karlie Kloss and Derek Blasberg share a taxi to uptown New York…and get the party started in the cab.

5. Swarovski

Miranda Kerr rocks a ton of sparkly Swarovski jewellery. ’Nuff said.

6. Cartier

A beautiful girl (aka supermodel Karen Elson) receives a diamond ring and it transports her into a world where dashing young men fight to wait on her and diamonds glitter on just about anything. The soundtrack? Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, of course. 

7. Burberry

Burberry celebrates Billy Elliot’s 15th anniversary with this recreation of the film’s opening scene. The star-studded cast includes Elton John (who wrote the music for the stage show), Julie Walters (who starred in the film) and Burberry film “veteran” Romeo Beckham. Think Billy Elliot version 2.0…with better togs.

8. John Lewis

Okay, so John Lewis (the British retailer) isn’t really a fashion brand, but we couldn’t resist putting this in. It’s one of our faves this year because not only is the film beautiful to watch, it also carries an important and very real message about the elderly. A warning: Ready those tissues.

For more videos, head here. Or check out The World’s Weirdest-Looking Models and The Good, The Bad And The Meh From The AMAs.

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