The Best Bras To Wear This Festive Season

Yes, there’s such a thing


Lots of us devote hours to meticulously planning our party looks for every gathering we’ll attend over the holiday season, starting from our hair, makeup and clothes, right down to our shoes. But how many minutes have you spent thinking about which bras to wear?

Close to zero, we’re willing to bet – if only because we’re guilty of that ourselves.

As it happens, just because hardly anyone will see what you have on under that designer dress doesn’t mean you can (or should) get away with wearing your raggediest bra or one with wilting support.

Since bras can help with everything from posture to silhouette and of course support, it’s more important than ever during party season to have the right one on, so that you and your girls look their best on display.

Here are four of our faves that will do justice to all your party-outfit planning. Now you’re ready to go out and get ’em. 

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