Take Your Online Shopping Game To The Next Level

Buying stuff just got a LOT more fun


Shopping, as we all know (but often don’t care to admit), is a game of one-upmanship and showing off. Not only is it about growing your own collection of things and getting the best deals at the lowest prices, it’s also about being the first among your friends to own something cool or snagging stuff that’s hard to get. 

But how exactly do you constantly stay at the top of the game? Forget expensive travel - it’s time to turn to tech. Here are three awesome new websites (from Singaporeans, no less!) that will ensure your place among tastemakers.

1. AirFrov

Those who’ve used online shopping middleman 65Daigou should be familiar with AirFrov’s concept. Like the former, this local startup makes it easier to buy items you can only find overseas. But while 65Daigou limits you to goods from China, Taiwan, the USA and, more specifically, Chinese e-commerce site Taobao, AirFrov is a platform for you to buy anything you want from any country.

Want a Starbucks tumbler that can only be bought from Korea? Or a Prada bag that’s a lot cheaper in Paris? Through AirFrov, you can connect to travellers heading to those countries and ask them to buy the item for you. Just post a request on the site, indicate the country it’s from, state how much you’re willing to pay (usually 15 to 20 per cent more than the item’s price to reimburse the traveller for his effort). Then sit back and wait for someone’s offer to help. Alternatively, you can do the buying - it’s a great way to earn extra cash if you have extra luggage space!

2. MerryMakr

This is one website you’ll need as any gifting season draws near. We all love spoiling our loved ones, but picking the perfect gift has got to be the most mind-boggling thing ever. For a simpler, faster and more enjoyable gift-giving process, head to MerryMakr. Dubbed the ‘gift and experience marketplace’, the site is dedicated to helping you find unique presents and create celebrations for the special moments in your life. 

The site has partnered with a number of brands, restaurants and services so that you can shop an array of gifts, from leather goods to dinner deals and even yacht rentals, all in one place. MerryMakr is neatly categorised to cater to four different occasions: Birthdays, anniversaries, date night and Christmas, so it’s easier for you to zoom in on what you want. All you have to do is answer a few questions about the recipient, set a budget and a delivery date, and the Merry Makrs will take it from there - now that’s what we call effortless shopping.

3. Fashory

We like to think of Fashory as a fashion Pinterest board that you can shop. Whole outfits are styled (the way they are in magazines) and curated to fit certain situations, trends or vibes, like dresses for tea with the girls or work-appropriate pieces for the office. Like in Pinterest, you can save your favourite looks onto a board, with the added bonus of being able to buy the pieces you really love. 

The mobile commerce app has partnered with labels from the region, including Thailand’s Rinrata, Japan’s Vert Malan, and local brands like Reckless Erika and Pleatation, so you can shop them there directly. Fallen in love with a brand? Follow it on the app to keep yourself updated on new designs. 

What we love most about Fashory is that over time, it detects your likes, dislikes, shopping behaviour and interactions to provide personalised outfit recommendations just for you. It’s like having a personal stylist you can contact anytime, anywhere. 

Fashory is currently only available on iOS.

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