Social Media Secrets From An Instagram Insider

Instagram's new fashion head Eva Chen shares everything you need to know about making it big online


After leaving Lucky magazine earlier this year as it transitioned from being a print magazine to a solely digital endeavour, Eva Chen (who when hired was Conde Nast’s youngest editor-in-chief) has announced that she's landed a new gig: She's now Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram. And of course, she announced it on the platform.

Chen's social footprint is vibrant to say the least — besides Instagram, she also has a massive following on Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr. She even has her own YouTube channel (though it’s been inactive for a couple of years). As fashion magazine editors go, she's the opposite of the traditionally highly-private fashion set, which makes her perfect for her new job. On your behalf, we interrogated her for tips on how to pump up your digital presence.

“People want a sense of personality and a sense of someone being personable… that sense of approachability is really important.”

“I usually get about 100 (beauty) questions each week… I genuinely want to help people when they ask me questions. When a friend texts you a question, you want to answer them. I feel the same way about social media. I want it to be a conversation.”

 “For social media, my strategy has always been to tweet, post or whatever in a vacuum. To do things that interest me and hope other people find it interesting. But I was never chasing after that audience.”

“The industry has shifted. People are more influenced by people on the street than what they see in a highly-produced $100,000 photo shoot. And to get that perfectly unstudied, I-don’t-care-but-I-care look actually takes a lot of work. Fashion is democratising. Fashion is a pursuit for everyone.”

“For Instagram, I post one picture of myself every 5 or 6 pictures… I do see more engagement in the pictures. I actually hate taking pictures of myself. I always feel very awkward and weird and wonky and I’d be like “ ooh I have allergies that day” but then those pictures are the ones to get more followers, more likes and people tend to engage more.”

Photo @evachen212 via Instagram

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