The Lucky Colours To Wear In 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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So you’ve read your fortune for the year ahead and now you’re wondering, “What can I do to ensure a smooth sailing 2018?” That’s exactly what’s on our mind too.

Aside from doing good deeds to accumulate good karma, what else can help us to ward off bad luck?

We consulted professional feng shui and ba zi consultant, Master Kevin Foong who revealed a list of lucky colours that we should all wear in 2018 if we’d like to change our luck for the better (who doesn’t want that?).

As a fashion lover, you know what this really means; it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe with new purchases!


Ahead, our picks based on each Chinese zodiac sign’s 2018 lucky colours that you should add to your cart now. 


Bomber jacket, $419, by Club Monaco.

Lucky colours: Grey, white, black, blue



Je t’aime Silk Scarf in Girl, $130, by Longchamp.

Lucky colours: Red, Pink, Yellow, Brown



Skirt, price unavailable, by Red Valentino.

Lucky colours: Blue, green, brown



Tulle maxi skirt, US$143.01, by Needle & Thread from Net-a-porter.

Lucky colours: White, Green, Brown, Blue



Amberley bag in Orchid Red, price unavailable, by Mulberry.

Lucky colours: Red, Purple, Yellow, White



Cropped floral-print crepe slim-leg pants, US$$471.87, by Marni from Net-a-porter.

Lucky colours: Green, Brown, Red



Chloé Pixie in Saffron Red, price unavailable by Chloé.

Lucky colours: Brown, Black, Green



Pleated ruffle-trimmed crepe midi dress, US$1,257.87 by CO from Net-a-porter.

Lucky colours: Red, Purple, White, Blue



Puzzle Biker Bag, $4,450, by Loewe.

Lucky colours: Brown, white, black



Printed intarsia-knit headband, US$279.20, by Gucci from Net-a-porter.

Lucky colours: White, Brown, Blue



Johnny mini bucket bag, US$348, by Danse Lente from Net-a-porter.

Lucky colours: White, Brown



V-neck cotton t-shirt, price unavailable, by COS.

Lucky colours: White, Black, Blue


The above predictions are provided by Master Kevin Foong, who’s one of the most sought-after professional feng shui and ba zi consultant globally. He's provided advice to multinational companies, celebrities, government officials and high-net-worth individuals. To date, he’s conducted workshops for over 850,000 students worldwide.

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