Important: Read This First Before Buying Your Next Bra

Knowing your body shape is crucial to getting the right fit.


Lingerie-shopping may sound like an extremely straightforward task — as long as you pick the right size and your favourite design, you’re set to go. Sounds simple, right? But the truth is, there’s a lot more to finding your perfect fit — such as understanding what works for your body shape.

The last thing that you want is to end up wasting money on ill-fitting bras or unflattering underwear. To avoid that, study Triumph’s quick guide on the common body shapes of Singaporean women .

Five letters — Y,S,I,O and A — each represent a different body silhouette. Read on to find out which letter matches your figure, and before you go shopping for new intimates, check out the gorgeous lingerie pieces in our gallery below (they're going to be perfect for showing off to your special someone, by the way).


Your chest is much bigger in proportion to the rest of your body, making you more concerned about sagging. Two per cent of us face this too. Triumph's Magic Wire Sensation Bra and High Waist Girdle are your best friends as they can provide ample support and lift at the bust and bottom. 


12 per cent of Singaporean women with this highly sought-after hourglass shape are concerned about preserving their figure as they age. Go for Triumph's Contouring Bodysuit, which tucks bulges in for a bump-free figure.


48 per cent of us lack visible curves. Try underwear that cinches your waist in as it gives the illusion of a more-defined figure.


12 per cent of Singaporean women are full-figured. Couple this with motherhood and a flabby tummy is a possibility. So, try on a pair of Triumph Lifting Panty for a narrower waist.


26 per cent of us are bottom-heavy, making it tough to pull attention away from our butts and thighs. Turn to Triumph's Maximizer Bra and High Waist Long Leg Girdle, which lifts the butt and creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.

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