How To Ward Off Bad Luck On Friday The 13th

The answer lies in your closet, according to this astrologer-feng shui master


In case it’s slipped your mind, we’re writing this story to remind you that tomorrow is Friday the 13th. You know, a day that’s considered ominous and inauspicious, and generally dreaded by the Western world (more of the backstory here, if you’re curious).

For the superstitious among us, perhaps you’ve already circled this date on your calendar to warn yourself and your dear ones in advance. Of course, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and that’s why we’ve turned to astrologer and feng shui master Kevin Foong for his expert advice on how to shield ourselves from ill fate on this, ahem, special day.

Turns out, the solution is very simple and doable. Just reach into your closet and find an item in the colour corresponding to your star sign and consider tomorrow’s situation sorted. Ahead, the must-wear hues for each zodiac sign. 

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