This Is Where You’ll Find The Coolest White Shoes This Season

Check out Celine’s Fall/Winter 2018 selection.


We know, white shoes aren’t exactly the easiest footwear to take care of. Much like the white boyfriend shirt or skinny jeans, we’ll be smart to shun curries and coffee lest we risk a major fashion disaster - ever tried getting stains out of white clothing? And let’s not even talk about trying to stop them from turning yellowish over time.

Regardless, there’s just something so satisfying about unboxing a new pair of clean white shoes. Put them on and they’ll instantly illuminate your outfit, making your ensemble appear fresher than before. And this Fall/Winter 2018 season, Celine has some of the sleekest white footwear to offer for the different occasions in our lives.

There’s the Delivery Sneaker which, as its name suggests, looks comfy for running errands or catching up with friends over brunches on the weekends. When you’re in the mood to flirt, slip on the Night Out strappy heels to match your slip dress and you’re ready to reach for the doorknob. Check out the remaining styles below.

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