Selena Gomez Collaborates With Coach For A Second Time

And the new collection will be bigger than the one before it.


Selena Gomez, who’s recently been on a fabulous street-style streak, has started dipping her toes in designing ready-to-wear (RTW) clothing for Coach. The 26-year-old singer first collaborated with Coach to design the Selena Grace bag (in standout “Selena Red”, no less), and accessories for Fall/Winter 2017.

Fast-forward to this month, Selena is ready to launch her first-ever RTW pieces with Coach. The collection, titled Coach x Selena Gomez, is a collaborative effort between the star and Coach’s creative director Stuart Vevers. Here's what to expect: Bunny motifs, antique-inspired crystals and bows...everything looks youthful and playful — much like Selena herself.  

“I’m so proud of the collection,” confesses Selena. “What I love most about working with Coach is that they just know how I dress, so everything felt authentic from the beginning.” 

The Coach x Selena Gomez collection is set to hit stores all over the world from 31 August 2018. But first, here’s a look at the gorgeous designs that we know you’ll fall madly in love with. 

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