Can You Tell Who These Stars Are From Their Childhood Photos?

Answer correctly and you could win an HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Printer, worth $223.


Remember how it was like back in the day before camera phones were invented? Photo-taking was mostly reserved for special occasions like birthdays and vacays. Now that our smartphones come fitted with cameras, we hardly go through a day without snapping a picture or more on our mobiles (#WhatIAteToday, #POTD and the hashtag list goes on).

And since it's the month to celebrate mothers, we thought it’d be fun to do a little #throwback by getting two local starlets to share with us a childhood photo of themselves and their mums.

Photo A

Photo B

Speaking of photos, if your mum still prefers physical photos instead of swiping through selfies on her phone, HP’s Sprocket 2-in-1 printer and instant camera is perfect for her. Just like how its name suggests, it can print photos measuring 5 x 7.6cm. And since it’s so compact, you can slip it into your bag and use it wherever and whenever you want.

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 The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 is available here.

If this sounds like what you or your mother will love, we’ve got good news. We’re giving away 10 sets of the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 worth $2,230 to 10 lucky winners. Complete the form below and tell us who the two celebrities above are to stand a chance at winning the printer.

To help you out, here are some clues:

Photo A

Clue 1: She has a twin sister who’s also an actress.

Clue 2: She’s one of the two stars who’ve taken up this 28-day beauty challenge.

Photo B

Clue 1: She was a finalist in Mediacorp Channel 5’s The 5 Search in 2015.

Clue 2: She appeared in the 2017 Dick Lee biopic Wonder Boy, starring The Sam Willows’ Benjamin Kheng.

Good luck!

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