15 Checked Blazers We're Currently Obsessed With

This is why we are not going off the grid.


It's official. Fashion girls are swapping their denim jackets for something smarter this season and it comes in a familiar pattern on a sharper silhouette. If you're thinking of expanding your outerwear collection, here's the piece you should be looking out for — a checked jacket.

Checks are one of the classic prints in fashion, and yet can look totally different depending on the size and colour of their design. That's why a checked blazer can be a trendy piece or a perennial classic — you just need to shop to suit your needs.

While you may have seen it worn draped over the shoulders (so passé, might we add), we think the modern way to carry it off is to think "models off-duty". Wear the blazer over jeans with a T-shirt, a roomy maxi-dress, or even on it's own like a dress with an  elongated fit.

The checked blazer is a key piece at our favourite high-street retailers this season, so it won't hard to track down one that suits your style and frame. Of course, we've also shortlisted some of the most stylish ones here for your selection.

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