The Slot Machine Even Non-Gamblers Will Love

Not least because it’s by Saint Laurent


How do you know when your presence (and custom) is making a splash? When something like this awesome gadget gets sent here all the way from Paris in appreciation.

The glamorous device pictured above is the Saint Laurent Slot Machine, which the brand places only in the most exclusive boutiques worldwide. So far, it’s visited Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Its latest stop: Singapore, where it will be in the ION Orchard boutique from tomorrow, and will feature reels that showcase three new bags - all of which will be exclusive to the store.

Saint Laurent Baby Chain Prairie, $2,290.

Saint Laurent Baby College Camouflage, $2,550.

Saint Laurent Baby College Black, $2,490. 

Those who want to put their money on one of these bags, however, will have to do so at the counter as usual - the slot machine is purely an installation and won’t dispense anything, though everyone is welcome to interact with it for fun. (Maybe you can use it to determine which of the three bags to buy!)

Are your fingers twitching yet? Visit the store before the machine ends its “visitation” in two months.

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