Rihanna Wants You To Wear These Dior Sunglasses

Watch just how in this ELLE Exclusive video!


Everyone wants to look like Rihanna these days, which explains why her partnerships with Manolo Blahnik and Puma were runaway successes. And now, there’s an even easier way to Ri-semble the star: By slapping on a pair of her futuristic, distinctive sunglasses, which were designed by the Bad Gal herself in collaboration with Dior.

This is the first time any Dior collaborator has been given the privilege of co-creating a product with the French house, so it’s MAJOR. As is the eyewear itself: The metallic, robotic-looking frames are ultra reflective and are inspired by Star Trek and a 2000 design from the Dior archives.

Dior’s eyewear designer Mathieu Jamin told fashion trade publication WWD that while this was the first time his team had designed anything together with a celeb, he was “impressed” with Rihanna’s level of involvement. “She chose all the materials. We had a lot of different samples with different effect of metals. She chose all the lenses and took time to match all the colours together to see if it was right on her face. It was really important to her,” Jamin said.

And as for Rihanna? “I can’t wait for everybody else to be able to have these!”

Before you skip down to the Dior stores to grab a pair, watch this behind-the-scenes video on the Rihanna X Dior sunglasses collection – an ELLE exclusive!

The Rihanna X Dior sunglasses collection is available at Dior boutiques now. Prices range from $1,300 to $3,000 for a gold-plated version.

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