Everyone Is Going To Want This Plus-Size Collection

Yes, even you, skinny chicks


Since she joined hands with Jean-Paul Gaultier to release a much-raved-about corset tee; strutted down the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 runway at New York Fashion Week; and starred in the label’s campaigns, Beth Ditto has had the fashion world at her feet, expectantly waiting for her own fashion line.

Well, wait no more, the collection is finally out - and it’s nothing you’d expect.

While a lot of clothing designed for curvy girls usually features muted tones and tame or no prints, Ditto’s first collection is anything but.

Inspired by punk and vintage finds, it stars bright, whimsical prints on blouses, dresses, leggings, skirts and jumpsuits. There are, of course, some black pieces, but those make up a tiny minority of the singer’s 11-piece line.

Some non-print stand-outs include a sheer lamé jumpsuit that would be perfect for a night out, and a seemingly simple denim jacket with an intricately embroidered back.

Made specially for girls with serious curves, sizes start from UK14 and go up to UK32 for some pieces. The icing on the cake? The apparel is ethically produced in the USA with quality materials such as silk and rayon.

“This is fashion for plus-sized women who deserve to love their bodies and their clothes, who want access to the same high-quality fabric and craftsmanship everyone else has. Something beyond the uber-cheap, disposable fast-fashion that’s pushed on us,” said Ditto.

Click through above for a preview of the collection, then shop it now at Selfridges or BethDitto.com! (International shipping available, yay.)

Photos: Selfridges.com

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