Paris Fashion Week Gets Tech-Savvy

Mobile phones get in on the runway action at Japanese label Anrealage’s Spring 2016 show


People these days seem to be permanently attached to their smartphones and Japanese fashion label Anrealage knows how to capitalise on this behaviour. It introduced a cool new twist to its Spring 2016 ready-to-wear show in Paris, making the clothes visible only under flash photography.

What does this mean? Guests at the show were given headphones and illustrated instructions showing them how to activate their iPhone camera flash. And under the lights from their mobiles, the seemingly dull-grey outfits came to life in an explosion of kaleidoscopic colours and prints right in front of their eyes, as models strode down a darkened runway.

Anrealage has been known to innovate in similar manners at their past shows — previous collections have utilised UV light as well as materials that repel phone signals. For this latest collection, creative director Kunihiko Moringo decided to put the audience’s smartphones to work by collaborating with a company specialising in reflective paint. What’s next to come? We can only wait till the next instalment of Paris Fashion Week!

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