One Of World’s Most Expensive Perfumes To Debut Here

Taking luxe to a whole new ’lev: It comes in a Fabergé-inspired egg and with a blue diamond ring


Now this is the scent of money: The worlds of perfumery and jewellery have come together, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation called The Royalé Dream created by Cuarzo The Circle and World of Diamonds Group.  

The treasure chest will hold three fragrances: One for ladies, one for men and a neutral scent that can be worn by both genders. The masculine scent has a base note of pure Oud oil (that's the most expensive oil in the world) and the bottle houses 10 diamonds, with a 0.41 total carat weight. The feminine scent features notes like lotus, water lily and violet and the bottle holds six pink diamonds within. And you'll find 24-karat gold flakes floating in the unisex fragrance.  

The vessel itself is nothing to sniff at: A Fabergé-inspired egg with a lambskin interior, escorted by a stunning blue diamond white gold ring (Fancy Vivid blue diamond in 0.85 carat, in case you’re wondering). The value? Over $190,000.

This ultra-luxe offering will debut during the Singapore Grand Prix this September, including an appearance at the Amber Lounge alongside other multi-million dollar jewellery pieces. Interested? Bid for it during the Boudoir Noire party, hosted at Capitol Theater. 

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