Now This Is What We Call A Nude Bra

Someone finally made underwear in more than one shade of “nude”


For a constantly evolving industry, the fashion world can be a little slow sometimes. The term “nude” has been a one-shade-fits-all concept until recently (better late than never, I suppose). Christian Louboutin started the ball rolling with the expansion of a bestselling skin-toned flat shoe range called The New Nudes, and this week, lingerie start-up Naja launched a collection dedicated to different-hued nude underwear.

A nude bra is an essential item in any girl’s wardrobe – but sadly, finding a balconette in the right shade of “nude” can be as tricky as choosing the right foundation. I would know, because all the “nude” bras that I own right now are either too fair or pink-toned for my skin.  

Thankfully, lingerie label Naja has come to the rescue. The brand’s Nude For All collection includes seven different shades of nude (already a huge improvement from the one or two obligatory options we get from most lingerie brands), ranging from a light “creamy frosting” shade with pink undertones to a dark “double espresso” hue.

Sasha bra in Nude 03

Naja has even included a “Match With Makeup” section, which shows a comparison chart of foundation shades from beauty brands like NARS and Bobbi Brown to help shoppers determine the right lingerie hue they need.

Naja’s founder and CEO, Catalina Girald, first started thinking about the narrow definition of “nude” hues while watching African American gymnast Gabby Douglas compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Douglas was wearing a “nude” ankle wrap that did not match her skin tone, and the realisation inspired Girald to create an inclusive collection of nude underwear.

Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez shared Girald’s vision and jumped onboard as the co-founder of Naja. Rodriguez is also one of the faces of the campaign, which features real women with different ethnicities and body types, instead of models - a nod to the company's vision of promoting female empowerment.

The collection features three seamless underwear styles and one bra style, spanning XS-XXL, band sizes 32-40, and cup sizes A-DDD. Shop the collection here

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