Nicolas Ghesquiere Talks Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017

Five questions with LV’s artistic director on his latest collection


Booties with rubber heels; leather boomboxes. What in the world does Louis Vuitton artistic director Nicolas Ghesquiere have to say about his latest Cruise 2017 collection? 

We caught up with him after the show - and got him to explain himself.

1. What was your inspiration for Cruise 2017?

It was really a trip to Brazil last November, when I discovered a country where both the city and nature influences are so strong. So it’s really about urban clothes, clothes that women wear in the city, and also things that are very tropical and exotic. I love this contrast. I always love to integrate sports clothes with sophisticated clothes. So this collection reflects that, and how much Brazil is saying that.”

2. What does this collection add to your vision of Louis Vuitton?

Probably this tropicalism is not something that I developed before. As you know, I’ve done a lot of casual clothes integrated with the Louis Vuitton wardrobe. But this time I pushed it to the colours, and it’s more body-conscious too. The Cruise collection is always very fun, because you mix summer with winter and you have to talk to the global audience. And because it’s going to be in the store for the next six months, we have to make sure we do those things. I have a lot of fun with it.”

3. Do you think seasonal fashion is still relevant?

It’s not really. The timeline is so different around the world, and the consumer has a different approach now to fashion. But it’s always a pleasure to do something light.”

4. How essential was the structure of the show venue (Oscar Niemeyer’s Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum) to the collection?

It’s always inspiring when we think about what we’re going to do with Vuitton for travel; for Cruise. I can imagine what kind of girl will walk into and evolve in that building, and what kind of fashion I want to design for those women who will be a visitor today in the museum.”

5. You look like you had a lot of fun with the Petite Malle this season – tell us more.

Yes, so much fun! It grew into a boombox, did you see? It became a music thing. I was like, it’s related to Brazil too, like the way music and movement is important, so I said okay, the Petite Malle is going to grow, it’s going to have Bluetooth and I’m going to play with the cellphone and put music on it. I grew up with the boombox, it’s my generation! So it’s a bit vintage.”

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