Michael Kors Doesn’t Want You To Instagram His Show

He’s banning social media for his Cruise 2017 presentation


While major fashion labels are pulling out all the stops to attract social media coverage for their Cruise 2017 shows (see Dior’s opulent Express train that whisked guests to the venue at Blenheim Palace, and the UFO-like Rio de Janeiro museum that Louis Vuitton picked for its resort presentation), Michael Kors has decided to turn against the tide by banning social media during his upcoming show on 7 June.

A statement from the brand announced that only selected images would be released on the day of the show and that non-attendees would have to wait till October to see the full collection in stores. In it, Kors added: “We feel our clients and fans will love getting a sneak peek of the collection as opposed to inundating them with too much imagery too soon.

“Ultimately, this is all about creating more excitement when the product is available.”

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