Meet The Designer Behind Wearable Art Store The Dot

And the creative mind behind our cute confetti background!


THE DOT is a digital print fashion accessories boutique that is based in Hong Kong and founded by designer Suki Tsui, exclusively available in Singapore at multi-label store SocietyA.

Known for fashion accessories in abstract patterns and bold colour combinations, THE DOT frequently works with other artists and creatives to produce capsule collections of wearable art.

Tsui, who also designed the birthday banners that you see on our website for’s first anniversary, had a chat with us about her label. Here’s what we found out:

THE DOT was founded after Suki Tsui experienced a creative bottleneck.

“During my journey as a designer, I came across a creative bottleneck in my tenth year. The work I did became too commercialised and I wanted to feel more inspired, so I went on a holiday to think about my future path. This trip was truly special as I discovered a lot of talents – creatives who have yet to be discovered by others. It was then and there that I had decided to explore and provide a voice for what they do, through my work. Meanwhile of course, I am a huge scarf lover and as a lady, who doesn’t love bags? All that tied together became the model behind THE DOT, and how the Wearable Art concept was conceived.”

Digital prints provide more creative freedom.


Barn Swallows Boston bag

“There is more to work with in terms of digital prints. They have a bigger variation on pattern creativity, whether it is from water paint, acrylic paint, or photo collage – they can all be digitised.”

She needs peace and quiet to get in the zone.

“Usually I’ll need a very quiet afternoon or night to get in my zone and focus on designing – no paperwork involved. Colours and things I come across such as flowers, signage, and objects are what inspire my creativity. When I’m set on an object, it’ll take me about a week to sketch, elaborate, and finalise the new prints.”

You can fall in love at first sight – with colours.

Floral reversible tote

“I am in love with and am very sensitive to colour. I believe abstracts and eye-catching colour combinations will last an eternity, and are what people fall in love with at first sight. It sounds like a single equation, however, abstracts combined with the boldness of colours can mix and match into a million sort of combinations.”

There is a guideline to selecting artist-collaborators.

"In the early years, I mostly find them online. Now, artists approach us and send us their profiles. We do have a guideline in selecting our artists."

Interested in collaborating with THE DOT? Here is Tsui's criteria:

- Illustrations must be positive
- Their work tells a story
- Artist has a great personality
- Artist must be punctual and flexible with any adjustments and modifications to artworks submitted

Most importantly, only #PositiveVibes allowed.

“I have never worked with artists who illustrate dark or negative energy. Our collections are mostly brightly coloured, and bringing smiles when one hears their story. None of that skull or gothic artwork – it might be “cool” as a fashion statement, but that’s not how we want to portray ourselves. We want our customers to feel happiness when carrying our products around.”

THE DOT is exclusively available at SocietyA. The newest collection will be in store this September.

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