Jourdan Dunn Can’t Say No To Fried Chicken

And other surprising ways the supermodel is exactly like us


Jourdan Dunn is every bit a supermodel. Since she was discovered in 2006, she has risen the ranks to become one of the most prominent and successful names in the fashion industry. 

She’s the first black British model to make the Forbes top-earning models list in 2014, and has been outspoken about the lack of diversity in fashion, even calling out big labels for the lack of minority representation. 

She’s talented in the kitchen too, and is helming her own cooking show, Well Dunn, on Jay-Z’s YouTube channel JAY-Z’s Life+Times.

Despite being a fashionable force to be reckoned with, when it comes to everyday life, Jourdan Dunn is just like us. She loves spending time with her son, is obsessed with social media and loves to eat. Keep reading to find out everything you never knew about Jourdan Dunn!

How has social media changed you?

JOURDAN DUNN It's just one of those things you do now without thinking. I’m more mindful of it now because it can be a waste of time. I’d say when I’m home with Riley [Dunn’s son] I don’t check it as much, because I like to be attentive to him and be present. But when he goes to sleep or before he wakes up, or when I am travelling, I check it a lot. Like every 30 minutes!

What can’t you live without ─ social media or your smartphone?

JD I can definitely live without social media but my smartphone? No. not at all.

What are your favourite things to post on Instagram and Twitter?

JD Sometimes I use Twitter as a sound board to whatever it is that I’m feeling. It can be a bit dangerous to speak so freely and not censor myself. I like to be private so I’m not someone who is posting my every move on social media. I post a lot of my work though, because I’m proud of my accomplishments. I post friends, but I really love to post pictures of my cooking. I love spending hours in the kitchen and seeing the final product. Ta-dah!

When you’re PMSing, is it carbs, fat or sugar?

JD I don’t normally have a sweet tooth but chocolate is my choice when it's that time of the month.

What food can’t you say no to?

JD Fried chicken! Who doesn’t love fried chicken??

Read more about Jourdan Dunn’s new role as the star of Kate Spade New York’s ad campaigns and her favourite recipe in the October 2016 issue of ELLE Singapore!

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