IWC Takes Skywriting To New Heights

Now anyone can do it - no kidding


Technology has democratised a whole bunch of processes, from job-seeking to more left-of-field stuff like getting a hug. And right at the top of that you-didn’t-expect-it list is skywriting – as in, you know, hiring a plane to scrawl whatever message you want in the sky.

That grand gesture used to be something that only the super rich could afford, but thanks to IWC, anyone can now do it. Digitally, that is.

The Swiss watchmaker has just launched a unique campaign to celebrate four new IWC Pilot watches that allows anyone to “fly” one of four vintage airplanes and write a message in a virtual sky. You can then save the image, send your message to friends or share it on social media.

Even if you have no one you want to dedicate a note to, it’s fun to just play: You guide your plane using the arrows on your keyboard along a path, tapping the space bar when you want your aircraft to speed up. At the end of it all, your message appears on the screen as you’ve written it.

Try it out here (available in 10 languages)!

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