4 Surprising Tips To Being Super Successful

From the woman who has it all and still picks up the trash


Here’s a crazy difficult question to answer: How do you define a successful person? Is it the amount of power and money that she has? How high she’s climbed on the career ladder? The size of her Birkin collection? Number of kids?

Yeah, we know – there’s never going to be a clear-cut answer. But if we had to name one person who comes pretty darn close to checking all the right boxes, it’s Nikkie Plessen.

The Dutch fashion designer, model and TV host has her own clothing empire (NIKKIE – just landed in Takashimaya; look out for a standalone store soon!), adorable kids, almost 200,000 fans on her Instagram account, an enviable wardrobe, Natasha Poly as her BFF, her own private plane – even the rare ability to polish off giant burgers and stay trim.

But the most impressive thing about her? How grounded she remains amidst all that fame and fortune – and that, friends, is what makes her a true success in our books.

Here are four surprisingly simple #LessonsFromPlessen to pick up on. Even if they don’t fatten your bank account overnight, we guarantee they’ll at the very least feed your soul.

1. Exercising gives you perspective and time to think

I don’t make a play of my personality. I stay as close as possible to myself. What I need is exercise. I live next to the biggest park in Amsterdam and I wake up really early to run in the park. That keeps me freed up – the stress falls off and everything falls into place as I run. I do that Monday to Friday. And then on Saturday I have wine!

2. Don’t be too precious

…To do something that doesn’t fit your profile. It’s not just about having a good life on social media. If you’re wearing high heels and carrying a Birkin and there is trash in front of you, pick it up. Never feel that you’re too good to do something that you don’t want to do. That’s an important thing. Stay with both your feet on the ground, even with your designer bags and your private plane!

3. Follow your passion

When I was hosting Project Runway in the Netherlands, I was so jealous of the contestants. I came home and said to my husband, ‘I want to be them, not just holding a mic.’ So I started my own label with a friend and suddenly all the stores were buying it. And I stuck with it – it’s not tough to make a first good collection but the difficulty starts when you’re putting it all together and sending it to stores and starting your second collection. You need a good team and hard work; I really believe in the family feeling.

4. Be genuine in your relationships

When I look for someone to represent NIKKIE, I think of people who fit in my life as well. It’s about making genuine connections, not just using someone for a campaign. You can always put someone in something for a photo, but to have them wear something of yours when they go for coffee with friends – that’s real.

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