How To Wear 15 Disney Items At Once & Not Look Cray

This is the way to indulge your character fetishes


Sometimes an expression of love is all about quantity: Wearing that X brand tee together with the same-label jeans, watch, cap, backpack and, of course, the matching socks.

Which is all very well if the brand that you love is something discreet. But what if it’s something loud, colourful and distinctive? Something like…Disney, where you risk looking like a toddler with too many doting Disney-loving aunts if you throw on everything you have at once?

Lucky for us, Pandora has a solution. The charm-bracelet maker has just launched its Disney collection in Asia, which means you can tastefully pile on your love on your sleeve – or, more accurately, your wrist – up to 15 characters at a time (according to the brand, that’s the maximum number of charms that can fit onto an average 17-inch bracelet). 

From sparkling Mickey and Minnie charms encrusted in cubic zirconia and black crystals, to Elsa’s and Snow White’s dresses brought to life in jewel-hued enamel, there’s one for every Disney fan. Each is crafted from sterling silver and hand-finished to beautiful detail – just like the films we love so much!

The Pandora Disney collection is available now at all Pandora stores. 

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