How To Impress Your Relatives This Chinese New Year

It’s simple: Just do designer


There’s no shame in saying it: Most of us Asians are pretty status-conscious. We love our luxury labels and our large European cars, and unabashedly take pleasure in acquiring the latest of these (which is partly why seasonal colours do much better here as compared to the West – fact!). 

Of course, if there’s ever a time to flaunt all the bling you’ve worked so hard to accumulate, it’s during Chinese New Year. Apart from being an “accepted” period to pull out all the stops (so people don’t think of you too much as a show-off), you’ll also be ensconced among family and friends (so the chances of you getting mugged are fairly low). 

But what to splurge on to make the best impression this Year of the Monkey? Luckily, some brands are helping you take that decision with special Chinese New Year 2016 collections. Click through above to find out how to get designer-dressed for success.

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