How To Get A Whole New Wardrobe For Just $50

Now THIS is the kind of sale we love


We enjoy the holiday season as much as the next party girl, but the problem with it is: How do you look equally awesome at each gathering if you only have a handful of new clothes? Obviously, repeating the same outfit is not an option for any self-respecting fashionista.

Fortunately, the good folks at Forever 21 have a solution for us – an opportunity to score a whole new wardrobe for just $50!

This Saturday at its 313@Somerset branch and Sunday at its VivoCity branch, the fast-fashion label will hold its first Stuff A Bag promotion from 12pm to 2pm, where (as the name suggests) you can cram as many pieces as you want into a large-sized Forever 21 plastic bag…at a hard-to-believe $50 for the lot.

There are some conditions, of course – you’ll have to be among the first 200 people each day to qualify for the promotion, and accessories, jewellery, shoes and bags aren’t included. 

We hear queue lines will be set up outside both stores from the night before; if you’re among the lucky 200 when noon hits, you’ll receive a plastic bag to put your clothes in, a queue number and a hand stamp to identify you at the cash counters. 

Shoppers will then be let in in waves (about 30 people per batch), and they’ll have 20 minutes to grab and go. 

On top of that, 987FM DJs Gerald, Tabitha and Kimberly will be on-site to get the party going with more giveaways!

If you’re planning to head down either day, arm yourself with a shopping strategy straight first by checking out Forever 21’s Fall looks and styling tips here. Also, don’t forget to tag your loot with #F21SGXELLE for a repost on @ellesingapore’s Instagram – serious envy guaranteed.

For more on fashion, head here. Or check out The Honest Advertisement-less Christmas Gift Guide, or How I Managed To Snag This Much At #HMBalmaination!

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