How To Dress For The Courtroom

Style lessons to learn from Rui En’s day in court


With citizen journalism everywhere these days, you never know when your day in court might come. So here’s a handy guide on style rules for the courtroom (and cameras) inspired by Rui En’s day in court yesterday. Just call it fashion’s version of Crime & Punishment.

1. Avoid wearing bright, cheery colours

No matter how much you’re dying to channel your inner auntie, it’s just not cool to look upbeat about whatever misdemeanor you’ve been accused of. Rui En got it right in her somber, sedate black-and-white ensemble (but let’s talk about those accessories later).

2. Skip the skin

It’s a courtroom, not a catwalk. That cold-shoulder top may be so this season, but you want the judge to focus on your innocence, not your audacity. And call us conservative, but skirt hemlines should at least hit the knee too. When in doubt, do like Rui En and wear pants. FYI jeggings are not pants.

3. A designer show is a no-no

Logomania is in – just not in court. Turning up in anything brazenly emblazoned with a brand’s logo or name shows poor taste, considering the circumstances. Yes, we’re talking to you and your Hermes belt, Rui En (though we’ll forgive that discreetly luxurious Lindy bag).

Photo: TODAY

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